Jivebeat Alternative Milongas

No tandas... no cortinas... just modern music suitable for tango from start to finish!

Jivebeat milongas are not like traditional milongas, in that we believe that tango can be danced to pretty much any style of music. It does not have to be specially written for tango in 1950s Argentina or even be modern recreations of traditional tango rhythms... pretty much anything with a good melody and cadence works with tango, so that's what we play.

Some people call our music 'nuevo', and some call it 'neotango'. We call it 'alternative' because that's how we see it... there is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional tango music and we dance to it all the time, but occasionally you just want an alternative style, so that's what we provide.

Is it suitable for beginners?

There are no classes at our Milongas, so unless you have done at least a few tango classes you will probably feel a bit out of your depth on the dance floor. But everyone is welcome regardless of skill or experience, so if you just want to come and watch some tango to see what all the fuss is about then come along.


We are a little way off announcing the venues at the moment, but as soon as we do they will be posted here. Watch this space!

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