Sometimes it seems as though there are as many different styles of tango as there are tango dance teachers. Modern, traditional, nuevo, saloon, neo... every version of tango looks subtly different and has its own take on the dancing environment. But the similarities are greater than the differences, so the hold, the connection, the balance, and the lead and follow used in this unique dance are fundamentally the same whatever style you end up dancing.

At Jivebeat we teach and dance tango in a Neotango style. This means that we dance it to modern music, and that our classes and freestyles avoid much of the tradition and culture associated with South American tango. We have no dress code, anyone can ask anyone to dance (and is encouraged to do so), and we play a mix of modern and some traditional music without sticking to the rigid 'rules' of the traditional milongas (if you want to see what a traditional milonga is like then have a look at this excellent article on Tango Voice).

The Tango Class

The format of individual classes may vary slightly from week to week as we like to stay flexible, but every Jivebeat Tango class will comprise at least the following:


We begin every class with a series of warm-up exercises specific to tango that focus on having your weight in the correct place and the dissociation or isolation of the upper and lower body that are such a core part of this dance.

The Class

Tango requires more of a focus on the detail than other dances so although we will be introducing new steps and moves every week, there will also be a lot of revision and fine-tuning. This means that beginners can join in at any week and not find themselves out of their depth, whilst more experienced dancers will continue to progress.

Stick Around for the Whole Evening

Unlike some dance classes where you pay for one class then pay again or pay more for whatever follows, at Jivebeat your entry fee covers you for the whole night. From the opening class at 8pm through to the end of the freestyle at 11pm, you only pay the once. So there's no reason to go home after your class!

Click the image below for a short demo of our Argentine Tango.

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