LeRoc is the most popular partner dance style across the U.K. and is usually described as being like Salsa with simpler footwork. But don't mistake 'simpler' for 'uninteresting', as Jivebeat LeRoc has as much or as little footwork as you want. We teach you the basics, then show you how to build on that with more complicated steps, a greater use of frame and hold, and how to add musicality into your dancing to make it as simple or expressive as you want it to be.

Every class starts with the fundamentals so even absolute beginners can join in at any time, then we add something progressive for the more experienced dancers to get their teeth into. And throughout every class we offer hints and tips for extending your dancing repertoire or improving your connection to your partner and the music.

No Need To Bring a Partner

Although people who do come with partners tend to start off together, we rotate the class around so all the leaders dance with all the followers. This is primarily because the best way to learn is to dance with a lot of different people, but it's also a good way to break the ice with people you haven't met yet! The class forms up in a large circle or in rows, and then after practising something once or twice your teacher will get people to move on one or two places and everyone swaps partners.

The LeRoc Class

The format of individual classes may vary slightly from week to week as we like to stay flexible, but every Jivebeat LeRoc class will comprise at least the following:


We start off with a few warm-up exercises to get you moving and to help anyone who is absolutely new to dance find the beat in the music. This is when we talk about frame, the LeRoc hold, balance, and all the basics that make the dance work.

The Fundamentals

We will then teach a couple of fundamental steps or 'moves' that will get almost any beginner dancing in no time, as well as being a good foundation for experienced dancers. You can revise these moves when you get home with the help of our demonstration videos.

Progressive Moves

Finally, we add in at least one of our more complicated moves for those of you that wish to stretch your dancing a little. These may include more advanced footwork, timing, more involved armography, or something else.

Stick Around for the Whole Evening

Unlike some dance classes where you pay for one class then pay again or pay more for whatever follows, at Jivebeat your entry fee covers you for the whole night. From the opening class at 8pm through to the end of the freestyle at 11pm, you only pay the once. So there's no reason to go home after your class!

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