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30 Aug 2017 - by Graham

Hello, and welcome to this week's newsletter. First, here's a quick reminder of what we did at this week's classes... 

Hurst Green - 24th August

  • LeRoc: Change of Place / Hatchback Block with Sweep / First Move Cross
  • Tango: Back Ocho into Sacada

Sevenoaks - 25th August

  • LeRoc: Back Hander / Hatchback Block with Sweep / Cleaver
  • Tango: Back Ocho into Sacada

As usual, we have posted short videos of the LeRoc Classes and the Tango Classes on our YouTube channel as a reminder of what we did, so you can watch them as many times as you like.

This Coming Week

Thursday 31st August @ Hurst Green (Oxted)

  • 8.00pm - Modern Jive fundamentals and progressive moves
  • 9.00pm - Argentine Tango
  • 9.45pm to 11.00pm - Freestyle ‚Äč

Friday 1st September @ Sevenoaks

  • 8.00pm - Modern Jive fundamentals and progressive moves
  • 9.00pm - Argentine Tango
  • 9.45pm to 11.00pm - Freestyle 

Forthcoming Events

Nothing booked at the moment.

Special announcement!

This is not something we're involved in this year, but we are very pleased to support the first World Of Dance Weekend event that will be held in Margate on the 23rd September. Dance styles from across the world will converge in one place, and you will have the opportunity to sample them all, try out new techniques, and learn from a wide range of artists for the whole day, as well as a number of excellent social dances and freestyles. If you are interested in attending this event then let us know ASAP as they are offering great group discounts if Jivebeat members book together.

From the WODW Website... 

Announcing the first World of Dance Weekend (WOW for short), held at Margate's iconic Fun park attraction, Dreamland, where the world of: Vintage, Latino, Euro-Asia and Afro will gather in two incredible venues, under one amazing roof.

On Saturday 23rd September, Dreamland will be the backdrop of some of the most amazing, and eclectic: workshops, performances, music and parties, offering you a historical, and educational 'social dance' journey.


Talented local and national artists will be on hand to teach an exciting array of social dance workshops for all levels, throughout the day - inc: SALSA, JIVE, BALLROOM, ARGENTINE TANGO, FOLK, AFRICAN RHYTHMS and more....

Social Dance Parties:

Two social dance parties will be on offer during the evening. Vintage & Fiesta Latino. Special guests will include DJ's, Animators, and Performers.

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